Re-earth is about taking local resources in countries around the world and turning those resources into food production, impacting health, people and planet.

The Problem

Every night, 690 million people go to bed hungry worldwide. On top of that, 3 billion people lack access to healthy foods. The Pacific Islands especially struggle and must rely on shipments for their food because they lack the soil, knowledge and materials for commercial farming.  

Our Solution

Cover Crops

Water Collection

Local Resources

Cover crops are used around the world to restore nutrients, recover soil, stop erosion. For Re-Earth they give people the opportunity to provide food for themselves.

Our simple, yet innovative water collection systems will allow for the collection, storage and distribution of fresh water for people and their crops. 

Our model is built around not bringing in our own “American way” but finding a way to teach the  people how to make these changes for themselves, using the resources that are around them. 

Our Impacts


People Directly Impacted

Re-Earth isn’t just about planting crops and fixing soil. We give people around the globe the opportunity and knowledge treat healthier and have access to their own food for generations.

Plants Grown

Our innovative model revitalize the soil by increasing necessary nutrients by almost 1100%. Through this process, carbon is taken out of the air and into the  soil making an impact against greenhouse gases little by little. 



Dollars Saved by Our Efforts​

Re-Earth uses local resource to change their lives locally so prosperity abounds in no just farmer’s lives but for the entire economy and supply chain. Prosperity is abundant because countries no longer have to spend thousands on imported food that they now grow themselves.

These Impacts Are Worldwide

In locations like…

Join the Movement

We are making impacts around the world in places like Mongolia, Kiribati, Vanuatu and so many more places to come. But we haven’t done it alone and we would love your help!

Don’t see your country as a project location? Want to help your country build sustainable farming?