Meet our Trainers!

Eritai Katebwi

Eritai lives in Kiribati and is starting the first commercial farm in the country!

Field Work Hours: 500+

Tyla Jeffs

Based in Hawaii, Tyla loves plants so much she’s filled her house with them. 

Field Work Hours: 150+

Celeste Christiansen

Celeste works full time on our farm in Hawaii and absolutely loves working with our goats. 

Field Work Hours: 500+

Sophie Dalby

Sophie jumps into everything enthusiastically and is our resident expert on hybridized seeds. 

Field Work Hours: 150+

Makaiah Gorhem

Makaiah loves making connections and takes the lead communicating with our corporate sponsors.

Field Work Hours: 90+

Mark Drasbek

Mark is an accounting major and loves to work with spreadsheets. (thank goodness!)

Field Work Hours: 90+

Jonah Gunter

Jonah jumps into anything he can help with and is currently leading our partnerships team. 

Field Work Hours: 250+

Sophia Lestina

As ReEarth project manager, Sophia is involved with all things ReEarth and loves spending time on the farm. 

Field Work Hours: 300+

Alison Orton

Alison loves taking on challenges and is in charge of all competitions ReEarth competes in. 

Field Work Hours: 100+

Anna Smith

Anna loves thrifting and is a part of our marketing and communications team!

Field Work Hours: 90+

Cathy Tsang

Cathy is from Taiwan and is the resident expert in water collection systems. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Kimberly T Tokanang

Kimberly is from Kiribati and works on our farm full time to create innovation to bring back to her country. 

Field Work Hours: 300+

Anameere Tennaba

Anameere loves working on the farm, especially when we get to eat the fresh food afterwards.  

Field Work Hours: 1000+

Tsz Ying (Taffie) Kwok

Taffie is from Hong Kong and always has the most positive energy to keep our team moving. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Les Harper

Les is our farmer SUPREME! He learned to farm in his home country of Canada and has been spreading his knowledge around the world.

Field Work Hours: 10,000+

Sophia Randall

Sophia is always ready for an adventure and will dive in headfirst to get her hands dirty. 

Field Work Hours: 50+

Hannah Madsen

Hannah is a part of our marketing team and loves to meet new people to grow our team.

Field Work Hours: 90+

Hayden Eves

Hayden works in sales and also applies those skills to ReEarth through marketing and research. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Stirling Kerr

Stirling worked on our Hawaii farm for several semesters and is a genius at coming up with new ways to use technology in agriculture.

Field Work Hours: 400+

Teaoia Teikabua

Teaoia also works on our Hawaii farm and is always ready to jump in and work hard. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Trisha Clark

Trisha is a graphic designer and helps with all things design and marketing for ReEarth. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Eli Clark

Eli is an entrepreneurship master and helped to build our initial business plan.

Field Work Hours: 90+

Kristine Jensen

Kristine works on our Hawaii farm and is in charge of all things hydroponics. 

Field Work Hours: 300+

Macy Catmull

Macy loves all things design and works hard on our marketing team to bring things together. 

Field Work Hours: 90+

Brooke Lim

Brooke loves farming and is learning how to set up experiments that recreate the conditions of several locations we are trying to expand to.

 Field Work Hours: 20+

Timothy Samad

Timothy is from Indonesia and is excited to start his own farm there!

Field Work Hours: 20+

Kana’i Kapele

As a native Hawaiian, Kana’i is excited to help improve food security there as well as across the other Pacific islands. 

Field Work Hours: 100+